Sonsee Anti Chaffing Short Nude 18-20

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Sonsee anti chafing shorts are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, that ensures all-day comfort.

Sonsee designed them with a seamless construction, so the fabric smoothes, doesn't shape, and is made to flatter your curves.

Forget unsightly panels and painful pinching, these shorts provide comfortable support with a waist and leg band that doesn't rub or constrict.

And best of all they prevent painful thigh chafe!


Anti chafing

Prevent rubbing and discomfort, perfect for the hotter months.
 360˚ Seamless Stretch Knitted in one single tube, our shorts are lightweight, seamless, durable and stretch in every direction.

Anti-roll waistband

A waistband that sits smoothly and comfortably while keeping your shorts in place.

Smooths, doesn't shape

Allow more freedom than shapewear and smoothing on every body shape. Made in Italy. Designed in Australia.